FRP chemical Storage Tank

FRP chemical Storage Tank Manufacturer Our FRP storage tanks are built for storage of the corrosive fluids and perfectly serve the intention of safe handling of aggressive chemicals and also of store up these fluids for their longer service life. Tanks are available with proper reinforcement and variety of sizes and shapes. Our FRP chemical storage tanks can withstand aggressive acids and high temperature too. Our self standing tanks are equipped with the level indicator and all standard accessories. Tanks are designed on RITA design software. It is also used in food processing industries.

  • Made by German patented techniques
  • Leakage proof
  • Withstand with high working temperature variations.
  • Equipped with man hole, air vent, in late connection.
  • Long lasting property
  • Easy and safe handling
  • Custom design as per specifications.
  • Available with complete necessary fittings
  • Required nozzles and flange connections are providedenquiry-gif