Bottom Conical Storage Tank

Bottom Conical Storage Tank ManufacturerBottom conical storage tank are fabricated from high grade material. The tanks are especially made to store specific products. The shape of the tank helps most in cleaning. Big size of the tank made easy to rinse well due to its conical bottom shape. It is highly versatile storage tanks. It is used for storage of many products of different category. Bottom conical storage tanks are the best option to store products of variety of industries due to its shape, which helps to settle down the fluids. To empty out the product by drainage made convenient due to its shape. It is used in wine making industry. It is also used for some chemicals for mixing, setting and storage of highly viscous fluids.

  • Easy rinse due to drainage
  • High tensile strength
  • Equipped with necessary nozzles and flange connections.
  • Almost maintenance free.enquiry-gif