About Us

Inception of the company was in 1996 and in the one and half decade, we are reached at many nooks and corner of the world as leading manufacture and exporter of the great range of premium quality thermoplastic storage tanks and thermoplastic equipments. We have also gained the status as the prominent supplier of industrial thermoplastics equipment, thermoplastic process equipment, and multifarious products such as Storage Tanks, Pickling Plants, Tanks, Extraction System, Fume Extraction System, Industrial Fume Extraction System, Zinc White Fume Extraction System and Anti-Corrosive Equipment made from various industrial thermoplastics.

We are concerned with the design and fabrication of different kind of storage tanks which are mandatory for higher production rates. We are taking the service of high class professionals and expert of field of anti corrosive chemicals. We also pay attention to employ the highly talented technicians for our whole plant and all kind of tanks.

We have brought forth our products globally and also deal with national and international clients. We have extensively provided our worldwide services and have global customer base from Iran, Bangladesh, Philippines, Dubai, Oman, Australia and UK.


The company has rose with great value and turned around with quick and defining manner to become the leader in the storage tanks industry. We have established the relationship with our pleased customer base, which inspire us to move forward swiftly. We are been able to reach new boundary with help of smart management and up-graded infrastructure. We focus today on Advance machinery and technology, and also research and development, which are the key factors for the growth of the company. Our philosophy for customer’s advantage is the possible lowest rate of the whole range of products with transparent ethical business policies leads the special admiration and good will of our customers.

ARVIND ANTICOR LIMITED is the youngest member in the Kody Group of companies. We are first group of production to employ the exclusive technique called butt fusion welding technique, which provide definitive safety to ensure 100% leak proof tanks.


  • Maintain exclusively the standard of international quality
  • Quick and eminence response to customers
  • Transparent and ethical polices
  • International quality standards are maintained at every level of production
  • Technologically advanced tools with modern facilities
  • Coordination of talent and techniques
  • Respective approach and total supportive atmosphere
  • Supportive response to our customers, associates, shareholders and vendors.